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I have been helping buyers and sellers in the Cocoa Beach area since 2003. I run Cocoa Beach; literally! Here is an article about my favorite running routes in town. I also love photography, kayaking, taking my wife and pup to the beach (Ask me where you can take your dogs to the beach). Since I have been living in the Cocoa Beach area since 1982, I know the area well. I can help you decide on the best area for you to move based upon some simple questions on what you enjoy doing and where you will be working. If you plan on selling your home; I love telling a story and photography; which is exactly what your home needs to get the property sold! Don't settle for bad pictures and a bland description of your home. Let me put some creativity in the marketing that will help with the MLS description and positioning your home on Social Media to make certain you have the right exposure.

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Looking for an Airbnb investment in Cocoa Beach?

Lately, there has been a hot topic when talking to potential condo buyers…Airbnb…Are you thinking about buying a condo in the Cocoa Beach area and make it an AirBnB? There are at least

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